David Villareal is a Monterey Peninsula based Certified Clinical Musician.  He is a graduate of the Harps for Healing Program and works at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.  

Music filled the air in Davids upbringing.  His father shared his love of music with his family and friends.  Guitars were part of the household and it was this exposure that inspired his children.   David and his sister are active musicians.

David's musical experience is diversified.  He has participated in liturgical music for church, wedding dance bands, childrens music and remains a student of flamenco.  It is the sound of the Spanish guitar that continues to guide him in his musical journey.

He chose a career in healthcare as a pharmacist.  He has served in the community setting for over 35 years and has a clear understanding of patient care.  Little did he realize that his future would dovetail his love of music and patient care in a unconventional  way.    Playing at the bedside is not new to David as he had providing soothing music to family and friends in hospitals, nursing and convalescent facilities.

David uncovered a part of himself during his daughter-in-laws journey with breast cancer.  Like a severe storm, the course of lifes direction was changed. This life experience became a turning point in his career.  He was inspired by his daughter-in-laws passing to become a certified clinical musician.  It is clear that his love of music and compassion as a healthcare professional is present with patients.  He looks forward to the following this new path.